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Alameda Council Meeting for OAK expansion changed to Oct 3rd at 7PM

Hello, all CLASS subscribers and Harbor Bay/Bay Farm neighbors:

In light of the Port of Oakland’s extension of the public review and comment period on the Draft EIR for the Oakland International Airport Terminal Modernization and Development Project from September 15th to October 16th,  staff will be withdrawing Agenda Item 7B from the September 5th Council agenda and placing it on the October 3rd Council agenda.

CLASS recommends to Alameda residents that showing up in person to the Alameda City Council meeting on October 3rd will be of show of the importance of the airport expansion to the community and your desire to have the City of Alameda represent your concerns.

Thank you all for your support!


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  1. Paul Hauser

    President Biden is calling upon the American public to, “Purchase electric vehicles, and energy saving appliances, work to transition to clean energy, clean up pollution and help your company, organization or local government reduce emissions across operations.” SO WHY ARE WE EVEN CONSIDERING ALLOWING THE OAKLAND AIRPORT TO INCREASE POLLUTION? Modernization of the existing airport, YES. Building a new terminal and Increasing air traffic that pollutes, NO.

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