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CLASS has three big news to share

Hello dear neighbors and subscribers,

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have three big news to share with you regarding Oakland Airport noise concerns:

FIRST: Both CLASS and the City of Alameda have submitted robust responses to the OAK expansion draft environmental impact report (DEIR). The City Council’s response to the excellent turnout of Alameda residents at the October 3rd city council meeting was significant, to say the least. Having reviewed other agency/group responses, the DEIR responses from the City and CLASS were by far the most extensive and robust. A big thank you to all who made this happen and showed up at the city council meeting.

SECOND: The FAA has finally announced that starting in mid-January 2024, departing flights from the South field runway after 7:00 AM will no longer fly straight out, but rather make a 6-degree left-hand turn thereby increasing the distance from the homes in Bay Farm. This will help to reduce the jet noise heard by residents. CLASS will continue to push for measures to minimize jet noise. Note that prior to 7:00 AM the jets make a 30-degree turn to the left.

THIRD: Did you know that there is a quarterly public noise forum that the FAA attends? Yes – and your participation in the upcoming January 17th, 6:30 PM meeting would be a great opportunity to express your concerns about both airport operation noise and pollutants. All of those present will have a 2-minute opportunity to speak. The meeting is likely to be both in person and by Zoom. Please check the CLASS Alameda website [] for more information in early January. We will post it once the meeting information becomes available. Remember, that without a robust response from the public, the FAA says that there isn’t a problem. And don’t forget to post your noise complaints for the same reason. Refer to the class Alameda website to learn how to post your noise complaints.

Did you know that in 2019 there were approximately 1/4 million aircraft operations at OAK and that predictions are, with the expansion, there will be 1/3 million aircraft operations in 2038?

Please consider volunteering to support CLASS by sending an email to:  “”. Without increased homeowner participation this organization will cease to exist and thus there will be no watchdog over the airport noise… Your property values and quality of life are at stake here… The volunteers at hand have done their duty and it’s your turn to take the helm… Take no action at your own peril!

Best Regards,


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