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Good News!

Hello near subscribers!  We have good news for you!

With all your efforts to file compliant and continued support, together with many meetings and communications with the airport, we made some significant progress in addressing the recent airport noise issue.  In short, the airport agrees to immediately suspend regularly-scheduled daytime closures of the main runway(30/12) and instead revert back to the typical Monday morning(12:30AM to 6AM) closure window.  This means that much of the daytime noise we experienced in the past two months will be gone!  (Full response message from OAK airport can be found at the bottom of this letter)

We would like to thank all of you who took the time to file complaints and to support CLASS.  The complaints you filed made a big difference in resulting in this matter!   We’ll update you with more details in the near future on this and other airport noise issues.  We also hope you find the noise alerts forwarded by us useful!  If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to let us know:


Message from Matt Davis, the OAK Airport Operations Mgr. ( Sep. 18, 2020).
“As a follow-up to the ASAC and the NF/SF Research Group Meetings, I wanted to provide an update regarding the daytime closures of Runway 30/12 at OAK that have been taking place generally since the COVID-19 crisis commenced. During this period, as always, I greatly appreciate the communication that we have with CLASS, as well as the community generally, that has continued to highlight impacts of these daytime closures and although passenger traffic did not significantly recover through the summer, we are, effective immediately, suspending regularly-scheduled daytime closures of Runway 30/12 and instead will revert back to the typical Monday morning (12:30a to 6:00a) closure window. As occurred prior to the current crisis, there will be occasions when the Airport will need to close Runway 30/12 during the day, or extend the nighttime closure window, to accommodate a specific project or maintenance item, or during an emergency or unforeseen event that requires the Runway to be closed immediately. Our intent, however, is to limit, to the extent practicable, the number of times when Runway 30/12 needs to be closed during the day. As always, we remain committed to advising the community when such closures are necessary. Again, I am thankful for the opportunity to continue to work with CLASS to reduce noise impacts to the community and if you have any questions regarding this, or any other issue, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time. Thank you,”

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