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Please join us at the CLASS annual meeting on 11/14 Monday


Citizen’s League for Airport Safety and Serenity

Come join us Monday, November 14th, 7PM
(Meeting will be held via Zoom)

A great opportunity to learn more about OAK airport and its impact on Alameda


Citizen’s League for Airport Safety And Serenity
A corporation of homeowner associations formed to protect safety, health & welfare of people living in communities near Oakland Airport
3195 Mecartney Road, Alameda, CA 94502


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  1. Kristine Watson

    my concern is flight traffic that occurs after 12 am to 6am every night.
    For instance this Thursday Nov. 3rd at 1:20 am a large jet took off from the north field and directly over my home. So loud, it woke us with a jolt.
    This is what I want.

    We need a “quiet period” during the night-time hours. This would go a long way towards peaceful coexistence.
    Negative consequences are needed for violations, the “honor system” is not working.

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