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Great news –  A HUGE WIN for the Safety and Serenity of our Community!

Hello Dear Neighbors,

We are very pleased to share a piece of good news from Noise Forum Subcommittee Meeting with FAA Representatives!  After 4 years of negotiations and consistent push, FAA has finally agreed to move the OAK5 (daytime departures) heading 5-10 degrees to the west.  The proposed language that will be put into the gateway shortly will be as follows:

“The Oakland International Airport wishes to amend the initial heading on the OAKLAND departure (currently OAKLAND 5) from Runway 30 to the west to the maximum practicable extent without negatively impacting the ability to utilize this departure throughout the day (estimated extent of the shift is approximately 5-10 degrees) in an effort to mitigate noise impacts to areas adjacent to the departure end of Runway 30.”

Please note that this 5-10 degree change will reduce the noise and air pollution for all the departure airplanes.  This is a huge win for residents of Bay Farm Island and Alameda!  We would like to thank all of your support and efforts!(file complaints, voice out your concerns at various meetings, write letters to FAA, etc). This change is expected to take 12-18 months to implement.  We’ll not stop working and negotiating with FAA to address the nighttime departure procedures and other safety and noise abatement measures.

Best regards,


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