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OAK Airport Noise Alert – 9/13 to 10/4.

Hello neighbors and subscribers, 

CLASS would like to advise residents of Bay Farm and Harbor Bay of an upcoming change in Oakland Airport flight pattern that may affect the noise level in the 94502 area.  The Port of Oakland will be closing portions of Taxiway Bravo at Oakland International Airport for construction work. Portions of Taxiway Bravo will be closed from 9/13 through 10/4, for 3 weeks. 

Closing portions of Taxiway Bravo will limit access to the South Field;  commercial jet departures and arrivals on North Field are expected. Aircraft may overfly residential areas and residents may experience unusual aircraft noise.

If you are disturbed by the noise,  you are encouraged to contact the Noise Hotline at (510)563-6463, or file an online complaint by clicking this link. or You could visit the noise management program at

Stay safe


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