Voice your anger and frustration at FAA’s rejection of all noise mitigation recommendations on Oct 17th!

Hello All Neighbours!

We have received the highly anticipated FAA response to the Oakland Airport Noise Forum Noise Mitigation Proposal that was submitted on March 2017 – it’s a major disappointment! NONE of the 36 Noise Forum recommendations, proposed by a group of aviation experts, were supported!

Despite the fact that the FAA has repeatedly stated that they would seriously undertake consideration of all possible and feasible alternatives to the current NextGen flight paths, they rejected nearly all of our recommendations and didn’t offer any alternatives or counter proposals.  This is unacceptable!

Their response included:

Rejection of both proposed HUSSH (night time departures as well as OAK9 and CANDEL (day time departures flight path alternatives, despite the fact that our alternatives comply with NextGen goals of safety and efficiency, and the current flight path does not!

No alteration or modification of any east bound SFO departures.

Rejection of Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s specific request to meet and establish an effective framework to deal with the noise issues.

Click HERE to read the full, and technical, FAA Updated Response.


Voice your anger and frustration at the FAA at the Noise Forum’s upcoming Oct 17th meeting.

The FAA Updated Response will be on the agenda.  We need an impressive turnout to show our unified commitment to revising the FAA findings.

Thank the Noise Forum members for their support and encourage them to keep it up. We need to let them know we won’t give up till the noise is mitigated!

 OAK Airport Community Noise Forum Meeting

Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018


Port of Oakland Building – 2nd Floor

530 Water Street, Oakland in Jack London Square

Thanks for your support and remember to keep complaining to the airports and our elected officials!

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